I do like my sports. Sports is a great way to learn and experience what locals do when traveling to new places. It's always fun to go to a soccer match or a baseball game while visiting new places. Sit with the locals, talk with them, and learn a lot about their team and their town. I've tried to experience as much sport as I can. I'll go to things I know nothing about, just to do something new. I've focused most my attention towards my 3 favorite sports. Baseball being tops, then proper football, and american football. Here are some pages that have photos and descriptions about some of these adventures.

Baseball - I'm trying to attend baseball games in all 30 MLB parks. I'm getting close. Everywhere I go I buy a foam finger do display at the house. The number of foam fingers listed on the teams pages identify how many games I've been to in that stadium.

Proper Football - This is Ollie's fault. My friend from the UK has insprired me to go to more football matches. Whenever traveling outside of the US I go to a match. Anywhere you go there is football, for certain. It's been fun visiting South America and Europe. Plus I've got my own team in DC United right here at home.

American Football - I'm off and on when following football. It's fun, but when the Titans do bad, it's not as fun. I still go to games when I can and watch some on TV. As I watch more proper football I watch less American football.