Baltimore Orioles

Memorial Stadium - lots of fingers

Baltimore vs. California, Saturday August 18, 1984
California 0 - Baltimore 1, Win Mike Boddicker (15-8), Loss Mike Witt (11-10)
Box Score

Saw bo jackson strike out 4 times with kenny and dad's office.

Dad go tickets to from Mickey Tenelton's friend, I think against the Tigers where we saw Cecil Fielder, it was during the week, dad picked me up at school at Irving, and I remember him late cause he got a speeding ticket while picking me up. Maybe April 19th, 1990 or April 20, 1990.

Saw Yankees play in the year I was on the yankees, thats when I got the baseball from Luis Polonia(already had been in trouble with the law).

Saw brewers twice in one week I think, got greg vaughn's autograph, seems I went to both games with kenny and his dad.

Saw rangers with matt palmer and his dad, they knew the shortstop somehow, scott fletcher something I think, I got mitch williams and obdie mcdowell's autograph's that day, probably around 87 or 88, possibly august 8 or 9 1987.

Baltimore vs. Oakland, Sunday May 18, 1986
Oakland 4 - Baltimore 13, Win Freddie Toliver(1-1), Loss Oswaldo Peraza(2-4)
Box Score

Baltimore vs. Minnesota, Saturday July 16, 1988
Minnesota 4 - Baltimore 3, Win Rich Bordi(2-0), Loss Chris Codiroli(3-4)
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Oriole Park at Camden Yards - lots of fingers

Baltimore vs. Detroit, Friday April 17, 1992
Detroit 0 - Baltimore 8, Win Rick Sutcliffe(2-1), Loss Scott Aldred(0-2)
Box Score

Baltimore vs. Cleveland, Monday August 14, 1995
Cleveland 9 - Baltimore 6, Win Paul Assenmacher(5-2), Loss Armando Benitez(1-4), Save Jose Mesa(34)
Box Score

Baltimore vs. Cleveland, Wednesday August 16, 1995
Cleveland 8 - Baltimore 5, Win Orel Hershiser(10-5), Loss Kevin Brown(5-8), Save Jose Mesa(35)
Box Score

many games with miranda since living in dc, have to think hard to figure all of them out.

Baltimore vs. Oakland Athletics, 2001? Photos

Baltimore vs. Seattle, 2001? Photos

Baltimore vs. Boston Red Sox, Sunday April 7, 2002
Boston 4 - Baltimore 1, Win Pedro Martinez(1-0), Loss Calvin Maduro(0-1), Save Ugueth Urbina(3)
Box Score

Baltimore vs. Detroit, Friday August 16, 2002
Detroit 6 - Baltimore 5, Win Steve Sparks(8-11), Loss Rodrigo Lopez(13-5), Save Juan Acevedo(23)
Box Score

Baltimore vs. Tampa Bay, Saturday May 17, 2003
Tampa Bay 0 - Baltimore 2, Win Pat Hentgen(1-0), Loss Jeremi Gonzalez(0-1), Save Jorge Julio(10)
Box Score

Balimore vs. Anaheim, Sunday July 20, 2003
Anaheim 6 - Baltimore 7, Win Jason Johnson(8-4), Loss John Lackey(7-9), Save Jorge Jolio(21)
Box Score

Baltimore vs. Boston, Sunday August 3, 2003
Boston 7 - Baltimore 5, Win Tim Wakefield(9-5), Loss Rick Helling(6-8), Save Byung-Hyun Kim(7)
Box Score

Baltimore vs. Toronto, Sunday April 25, 2004
Toronto 15 - Baltimore 3, Win Roy Halladay(2-3), Loss Sidney Ponson(2-1)
Box Score

Baltimore vs. San Francisco, Sunday June 13 2004
San Francsico 7 - Baltimore 3, Win Jerome Williams(6-4), Loss Sidney Ponson(3-8), Save Tyler Walker(1)
Box Score

Baltimore vs. Boston, Saturday April 8, 2006
Boston 2 - Baltimore 1, Win Curt Schilling(2-0), Loss Bruce Chen(0-1), Save Jonathan Papelbon(2)
Box Score
Miranda and Maya came with me to this as we all enjoyed the rain collectively.

Baltimore vs. Washington, Thursday June 14, 2007
Washington 3 - Baltimore 1, Win Jason Simontacchi(4-4), Loss Chad Bradford(0-3), Save Chad Cordero(10)
Miranda's Dad and my Dad went with me to this game.