Boston Red Sox

Fenway Park - Tour - 2 foam fingers

Boston vs. Toronto, Thursday Sept. 5, 2002
Toronto 5 - Boston 4, Win Justin Miller(7-4), Loss Dustin Hermanson(1-1), Save Kelvim Escobar(29)
Box Score

Miranda and I spent a full week in Boston. In fact we spent a few more days off in Cape Cod after leaving Boston. The trip as a whole was a blast. What was worrisome was with regards to the strike. Thankfully there wasn't one. The players were threatening though, and the decision to not strike was made just hours before we were leaving to the airport to go on this trip. I was nervous, cause I really wanted to visit Fenway. Because of the threat we decided to also attend a Boston College football game so we could experience some sports. But, baseball went on, and we enjoyed our time at Fenway. We also took a tour of the stadium a few days before the game we actually attended. It is a neat place, and I'd give the tour high ratings. This game was just Miranda and myself.

Boston vs. Washington, Monday June 19, 2006
Washington 3 - Boston 6, Win Kyle Snyder(1-0), Loss Tony Armas(6-4), Save Mike Timlin(1)
Box Score

Joe and I flew to Boston for this game. He got the tickets on ticketmaster the day they went on sale while I was in England. It was fun, we walked around the town, ate some good food, and got to Fenway. Great atmosphere as usual, too bad I wasn't rooting for the home team this time, still a blast though.

Boston vs. Texas, Saturday April 19th, 2008
Texas 3 - Boston 5, Win Javier Lopez(1-0), Loss Joaquin Benoit(1-1), Save Jonathan Papelbon(6)

Miranda and I flew out to Boston without Maya for a short relaxing weekend. We met Jake and Lindsey Vanderdray at the game and hung out with them that night. The game was exciting for sure, Manny finished it off with his 496th homerun to go ahead. It was electric, also thanks to the Briuns winning earlier in the night. It was a good night for sports in Boston.