Chicago Cubs

Wrigley Field - 4 foam fingers

Chicago vs. Los Angeles, Friday April 26, 2002
Los Angeles 10 - Chicago 0, Win Odalis Perez(3-1), Loss Kerry Wood(2-2)
Box Score

The first time at Wrigley was great, but very very cold. We went to this game with my brother. The cubbies were not performing too well, so the stadium was definately not packed. We spent 2 or 3 innings in our seat, freezing. The cubs blanket we have at home was purchased to try to keep all three of us warm, cause it was almost unbearable. The good news is Jeremy's company contacts got us up into an unused suite for the last few innings. It was much warmer there, and we got some good dessert. An interesting note about the game itself, this ended in a 1 hitter. The sole Cub hit was an infield single which was rendered pointless as the next batter grounded into a double play. This means Perez faced the minimum 27 batters, that one infield single was the closest I've ever gotten to both a no hitter and a perfect game all wrapped into one. It was a brillant performance really, too bad it wasn't the cubbies. This game was Jeremy, Miranda and myself.

Chicago vs. St. Louis, Sunday July 6th, 2003
St. Louis 4, Chicago 1, Win Woody Williams(11-3), Loss Mark Prior(8-4), Save Jason Isringhausen(3)
Box Score

This next game was a bit wet. After the first visit to Wrigley, I decided we needed to go in July when it's warmer. This seemed like a great idea til we saw the storm clouds. We sit out in the bleachers which was fun, but crammed. It was Miranda, Jeremy and myself. The first few innings went well, then we saw the wall of rain coming towards us. Once the drops were felt, every one from the bleachers started trying to get out of the rain in the few covered spots. After a few minutes we realized we weren't getting out anytime soon, and it was impossible for us to get anymore wet than we already were. So we sat there, in the rain. The game was delayed about an hour and a half. The finished it out, though nothing happened after really. It was nice to see both Prior and Williams, who both had incredible years in 2003. The worst part was the final play before the rain delay, Corey Patterson stumbled at first base running out a hit. He didn't get up. This proved to be a season ending injury, which meant he couldn't attend his first all star game. Worstly, he's never really gotten back to the quality he showed that first half of that 2003 season before the injury. This game was Jeremy, Miranda and myself.

Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox, Sunday July 4, 2004
Chicago White Sox 1, Chicago Cubs 2, Win LaTroy Hawkins(2-1), Loss Shingo Takatsu(4-1)
Box Score

Here we scored what proves to be one of the hardest tickets in baseball. Sometimes ticketmaster is your friend, most often it is not. This was the ESPN sunday night game between the cross town rivals, a local derby, or Super Classico in football terms. It was also one of the fastest games I've ever been to. Very few hits between the two sides, this bad boy wrapped up in just a couple hours. We didn't mind so much, as we had bleacher seats and were crammed in under the scoreboard in the last row. This was Maya's first game at Wrigley, and only one so far. After this game Miranda said, no more bleachers! It was still fun, though the last run was scored on a walk off, walk. Not all that exciting, but in all it was a well played game. This game was Jeremy, Heather, Miranda, Maya, and myself.

Chicago Cubs vs. Washington Nationals, Saturday May 5, 2007
Washington 3 - Chicago Cubs 5, Win Rich Hill(4-1), Loss John Patterson(1-5), Save Ryan Dempster(7)

We sat in the bleachers for this bad boy. It was odd weather, the temp was up and down most the game, but I was in shorts and pretty comfortable. Others took off and added layers along the way. But Jeremy, Heather, Jen, Steve, Miranda and Maya went with me to this game. It was unfortunate to see the Nationals lose yet again, but it was a fun game as usual in the bleachers. We had a good trip altogether. But nothing all that eventful at the game itself, except the beer cup tower that got fairly large and passed around the bleachers.