Cleveland Indians

Jacobs Field - 1 foam finger

Cleveland vs. New York Mets, Sunday June 9, 2002
New York Mets 3 - Cleveland 8, Win Ryan Drese(6-4), Loss Shawn Estes(2-5)
Box Score

Miranda and I flew out pretty much for this game. Interleague is always fun, this was back when Mo Vaughn still played, seems so long ago now. And look, Ryan Drese, the National's 5 or 6 starter now. The worst part of this game is it was the same day as the Orioles hosted the Dodgers. I'd bought tickets for the O's game for my dad for fathers day. Then I planned this trip a bit later not realizing it was the same day. Instead of me going with my dad my sister did. We did call each other and talk from our respective games. The trip to cleveland wasn't that eventful. We did go to second city, a short lived troup in Cleveland. We enjoyed the show with about 10 other people. My brother got us into the restaurant that is on 3rd base side before the game. He'd called ahead to tell the folks we'd be there. We got to enjoy a nice meal, though there was confusion at first as to if we'd have to pay for it. Eventually that got worked out and it ended up being free. We sat there for a few innings while eating, then headed over to our regular seats. Not long after the game we headed back to the airport to fly home. Another note, this was the only place that didn't have an actual finger, instead it's an Indian head. We'll have to go back to see if we can score the real thing someday, but this was all they had that day, and it's better than nothing. This game was Miranda and myself.