Colorado Rockies

Coors Field - 2 foam fingers

Colorado vs. Washington, Saturday September 9, 2006
Washington 5 - Colorado 9, Win Mike Venafro(1-0), Loss Ramon Ortiz(10-13)
Box Score

Joe and I went to Denver for these games. We had a good time I'd say. This first game we sat about 5 rows up from 3rd base. Pretty good seats, too bad the game play wasn't so good. We got to this game early. Beforehand Ryan Chruch threw me a baseball, nice gesture. Before this game we spent part of the day at the Flying Dog brewery. Free beer is the perfect way to spend the day before baseball.

Colorado vs. Washington, Sunday September 10, 2006
Washington 9 - Colorado 13, Win Jose Mesa(1-5), Loss Chris Schroder(0-2), Save Brian Fuentes(25)
Box Score

Another loss, but still fun. We sat on the club level for this game. We got there early and watched some football. Then we headed out for the game when it started. My dad called me after the 3rd inning to tell me we got on TV. Apparently they showed us on a bumper shot going to commercial. Out of town nats fans, yah!