Montreal Expos

Olympic Stadium - 1 foam finger

Montreal vs. Cincinnati, Sunday May 30, 2004
Cincinnati 2 - Montreal 6, Win Tomo Ohka(3-5), Loss Joe Valentine(0-1), Save Chad Cordero(1)
Box Score

Miranda and I went out to Montreal to celebrate our anniversary and took in a game while we were there. It is a cool city and a neat stadium. Of course the Expos are now my Washington Nationals, so one can't see a game there anymore. We purposely visited in 2004 cause we knew they'd be leaving. The stadium is odd, and even odder is that fact that everything is in both french and english. I had some interesting fries with some kind of white cheese or something on it and gravy. The girl in front of me in line didn't speak english so I couldn't find out exactly what they were. This game wa attended by Miranda, Maya and myself, along with 10 other people who I didn't know, ;).