New York Yankees

Yankee Stadium - 1 reluctant foam finger

New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles, Sunday September 30, 2001
Baltimore 1 - New York Yankees 1, Tie
Box Score

This was supposed to be Cal Ripken's very last game. Thats why we decided to go. Because of Sept. 11th, a week of the season was delayed and added to the end. So this was not his last game, but we went anyway. We sat in the bleachers, which normally wouldn't be that great, but because of Sept. 11th, everyone still loved each other. The police were nice, the crowd was nice, not a typical game in NY. It was also raining, all day, horrible weather. In abou tthe 11th or so we decided to leave. We had to drive back home and couldn't hang out forever, plus it was just nasty. The game ended up being called in the 14th a tie after a long rain delay. We listening in the car on the way home and were glad we left, since in the end the score was the same as when we left. Clemens started this game, the only time I've seen him pitch. BTW, Yankee stadium stank, and the food choices were horrible in the bleachers. There also wasn't an ATM there for me to get cash, I had to get a security guard to take me to the regular part of the park to get money. Like Wrigley, Yankee has a seperate entrance for people in the bleachers. At this game was Miranda and myself.