Oakland Athletics

McAfee Coliseum(Oakland Coliseum) - 1 foam finger

Oakland vs. Kansas City, Sunday May 25, 2003
Kansas City 3 - Oakland 4, Win Keith Foulke(3-0), Loss D.J. Carrasco(3-3)
Box Score

This trip was the last one we really took before Maya was born. We spent a long memorial day weekend in San Fran and worked out a game in both Oakland and San Fran. This was the first of the two. I liked the stadium, there were even tailgators. The stadium is shared with football, so the infrastructure for tailgating is already there. Unforunately the Barry Zito bobbleheads weren't easy to come by as everyone got there early, got their bobblehead, then tailgated. We sat in the nicer club seating which included a buffet lunch. It was cool, plus we had a great view, it was worth the cost. The problem is neither of us are familiar with the weather there, it would our first trip to California. It was comfortable that day, but the next day we'd realized we were in fact in sun all day. We both burned horribly. Too bad, the game was fun. I remember serious excitment as they were letting the Royals pitcher finish up the game because he was pitching well. It was tied up by a homer in the 9th and the A's won it in the 10th. Very exciting. At this game was Miranda and myself.