Philadelphia Phillies

Veterans Stadium - 3 foam fingers

Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh Pirates, Saturday April 11, 1992
Pittsburgh 4 - Philadephia 7, Win Andy Ashby(1-0), Loss Doug Drabek(1-1)
Box Score

Dad and I just drove up for the day to go to game.

Philadelphia vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, Friday July 15, 1994
Los Angeles 3 - Philadephia 4, Win David West(4-7), Loss Kevin Gross(7-8), Save Doug Jones(22)
Box Score
Los Angeles 3 - Philadephia 2, Win Tom Candiotti, Loss Danny Jackson(11-4), Save Todd Worrell(8)
Box Score

This was a double header we hit on the way up to New Jersey. This was my summer before going to college. We had to be in Tennessee for an orientation but a friend of my parents was getting married in New Jersey. Because I didn't want to be away from my girlfriend at home for so long since summer was shortened due to college, we went to baseball. On the way to Phillie my mom, sister, and myself went on a tour of Camden Yards in Baltimore. My dad had a meeting there that day for work. After that, we headed up to Phillie and cause this double header. After this, we headed up to NJ for the wedding. We then drove to Kentucky, through Cincy where we caught another game. The next morning we were off to Kentucky and eventually my school orientation. This helped me realize it was possible to make baseball trips, I blame this all on my parents. This was my last baseball game at veterans stadium, actually also just my second trip. It wasn't a great place, though there were some great fireworks afterwards. At these games was My dad, mom, sister, and myself.

Citizens Bank Ballpark - 2 foam finger

Philadelphia vs. Arizona, Sunday May 2, 2004
Arizona 5 - Philadeplhia 6, 14 innings, Win Madson (2-1), Loss Villarreal (0-2)
Box Score

We headed up for this trip to visit my uncle in Trenton, NJ. The next morning we went down to Phillie to catch this game. It was a neat park. It's not near the architectural gem like other new parks, but it's very open. I enjoyed the food options and the view was also nice. Just like the trip to Yankee Stadium, we had to leave before it was over cause we had to drive back home. We listening on the way home, but that last few innings seemed to drag on and not go anywhere. I think we left in the 12th. At this game was Miranda, Maya and myself.

Philadephia vs. Washington, Sunday September 30, 2007
Washington 1 - Phildelphia 6, Win Jamie Moyer(14-12) Loss Jason Bergmann(6-6)
Box Score

Miranda, Maya and I went to this game. I got tickets far in advance to see the Nationals final game of 2007. Being so close to Phillie it was an easy trip. We visited my uncle in Trenton Saturday, then headed to the game Sunday. Somehow after 161 games, the Phillies were still tied with the Mets for the lead in the NL East. This made this game one of the most important in their history. The Phillies game started 30 minutes after the Mets game. By the time we got underway, the Mets were already losing 7-0. It didn't get any better for them, but the Phillies, yes. They rocked through, and I was happy. Odd I rooted against my team, but, I preferred the Phillies in the playoffs over the Mets. More importantly, the game was incredible. The atmosphere was electric. Everyone going nutty in a packed house for the entire game. I had a blast. We ran out to our car and got out as fast as we could to drive back to DC after it ended. But as we were driving away, everyone was honking their horns and still making noise after the exciting win and the first trip to the playoffs in 14 seasons. I was glad I was there.