San Diego Padres

Petco Park - 3 foam fingers

San Diego vs. Washington, Friday September 16, 2005
Washington 5 - San Diego 1, Win John Patterson(9-5), Loss Jake Peavy(12-7)
Box Score

This stadium rocks. It is just plain awesome. Before the first game Joe and I went on a tour and saw the bad boy inside and out. It's just beautiful, comfortable, great food, great atmosphere, this is what happens in a city that doesn't like baseball, but has a team and gets a new stadium. We got to the game early to watch BP since it was the nationals. Joe and I were sitting on the side watching when Esteban Loaiza came over to talk to some guys next to us. He's from Tijuana, so he had some family and friends at the game. When he saw Joe and I in our nationals gear he asked me. "You from here or from DC." I said I was from DC. He responded, "I bet you like the weather here better." He seemed like a nice guy, I choose not get his autograph, but it was neat being so close to him. The game was good, we won, one of our final wins actually. We sat in the toyota terrace and got some great food delivered right to us at our seats! Attending this game was Joe and myself.

San Diego vs. Washington, Sunday September 18, 2005
Washington 1 - San Diego 2, Win Akinori Otsuka(2-6), Loss Joey Eischen(2-1)
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We decided to catch another game while in San Diego. This didn't go as well as the first. Lost late in the game, unforunate. Before hand though I saw Luis Ayala in the outfield catching balls from the BP and I screamed, "I'm from DC, can I have a ball Luis?" He turned around and threw it to me, so that was cool. We also hung out near the dugout before the game and talked a bit with the MASN crew which included Ron Darling. Thats also where I got Jamie Carrell to sign my nationals baseball. It was very cool to see the nationals on the road and san diego is a beautiful city with an incredible station. Attending this game was Joe and myself.

San Diego vs. Houston Astros, Sunday August 19, 2007
Houston 3 - San Diego 5 , Win Greg Maddux(9-9), Loss Matt Albers(3-6), Save Trevor Hoffman(31)
Box Score

This was a part of our family trip to San Diego and LA. We were tired coming off a day at Legoland, so we drove up to Petco from Ramona for this game then headed back shortly afterwards. Miranda and Maya went with me. It is a cool stadium for sure, one of my favorites.