San Francisco Giants

AT&T Park(SBC Park)(Pac Bell) - Tour - 2 foam fingers

San Francsico vs. Arizona, Tuesday May 27, 2003
Arizona 3 - San Francisco 4, Win Felix Rodriguez(2-0), Loss Matt Mantei(4-3)
Box Score

We went to this game during our trip to San Fran before Maya was born. This stadium rocks and we took a tour of it the following day. It's just incredible, and a fun team to watch. Extra innings, 13 I think, great game to see. It was a great baseball weekend with this and the game in Oakland. The weather was nice, cool atmosphere, great food, and John Miller, can't beat it. Attending this game was Miranda and myself.

San Francisco vs. Washington, Wednesday August 2, 2006
Washington 6 - San Francisco 8, Jason Schmidt (8-7), Loss Tony Armas(7-7), Save Mike Stanton(1)
Box Score

Miranda, Maya and I went to this game on the way to Jeremy's wedding. We had a great time and got a photo with Chad Cordero before the game. Maya was excited to hear he was good friends with Screech. He was cool about it too, telling her he hangs out with him all the time. Fun game, too bad we lost.