St. Louis Cardinals

Busch Stadium - 6 foam fingers

St. Louis vs. Cincinnati, Saturday Sept. 5, 1998
Cincinnati 0, St. Louis 7, Win Donovan Osborne(4-3), Loss Dennys Reyes(3-5)
Box Score

Wow! What else can I say. I was very lucky to be a part of this. Working at Staples, three of us talked most the summer about going to St. Louis to see a game, and see Big Mac. I bought tickets for this game and the game on Monday the 7th and the trip was on. Right before the trip, Ben decided he didn't want to go, so it was just Ryan and myself. As we got closer and saw what Mac was doing in terms of the record, we decided to go ahead and get tickets for the Sunday game also. We had previously considered trying to go see the Rams play that day, but I'm glad we didn't. For this game we sat in left field, right near where his homers go. Every at bat security would come out so if he did hit a homer the person who got the ball could be safely escorted out of the stands. I took pictures and video with each at bat. I decided that was jinxing the situation. So I stopped, and low and behold, number 60. It went above our heads, maybe 8 or 9 rows back. It was awesome, everyone was hugging, high fiving, wow. It was just amazing. This game was attended by Ryan and myself.

St. Louis vs. Cincinnati, Sunday Sept. 6, 1998
Cincinnati 2, St. Louis 5, Win Juan Acevedo(8-3), Loss John Hudek(5-6)
Box Score

This was the second game in my baseball weekend to see Big Mac. We had poor seats for this, up in the upper deck. We got these tickets later, so it was the best we could do. Not much happened, except Mac hit a huge foul ball, which everyone thought was a homer at first glance. From where we sat, we couldn't tell very well, and at first we thought it was number 61. Unfortunately it wasn't, but good things were yet to come. This game was attended by Ryan and myself.

St. Louis vs. Chicago Cubs, Monday Sept. 7, 1998
Chicago 2, St. Louis 3, Win Darren Oliver(3-2), Loss Mike Morgan
Box Score

This was the Mac daddy of games, pun intended. Before the game, all of the foul territory was filled with reporters. They were talking to all the players, hoping to see Mac. This was special cause it was against the Cubs, and Sosa was a part of this history as well. Our seats were in right field, no chance of a homer, but a good view. This time I took photos everytime Mac was up. I don't remember what at bat it was, but he crushed number 61 and we all went crazy. It was spectacular, the most amazing thing I've seen in person in sports. Everyone was nutty. Incredible. I got photos of him running the bases, and stepping on the plate. A few innings later some jets flew above the stadium to commemorate the achievement. It was loud, and awesome. The whole experience was great. We left to go back to Murfreesboro after this game. The next night game resulted in the record being broken. It's too bad we weren't there, but it was still amazing to have been a part of that weekend. Oddly, I never really talked to Ryan much after this trip. We shared this incredible sports experience, but that was about it. He didn't work at Staples anymore, so there you have it. This game was attended by Ryan and myself.

St. Louis vs. Colorado, Saturday July 31, 1999
Colorado 5, St. Louis 6, Win Lance Painter(3-4), Loss Curtis Leskanic(3-2), Save Ricky Bottalico(17)
Box Score

While living in Tullahoma, I got Kenny to come out for a long weekend. He flew out and we hung in Nashville and Murfreesboro some. But one of the big parts of the trip was a trek out to St. Louis. We drove out on a saturday morning and we went ot the game that night. It was fun, as baseball usually is. In this game Mac hit a homer, he usually doesn't let me down, it was number 497. We were very close to seeing 500. We had a fun weekend though, we also went to a casino for a bit and relaxed. It was cool, St. Louis is a great town. This game was attended by Kenny and myself.

St. Louis vs. Milwaukee, Monday May 28, 2001
Milwaukee 2 - St. Louis 6, Win Matt Morris(7-3), Loss Paul Rigdon(3-2), Save Jason Christiansen(1)
Box Score

Since Miranda's family live in Missouri we have to fly in and out of St. Louis when we visit them. Of course I try to find a baseball weekend to go. This was no exception. After spending the weekend with her family in Licking, we drove out to the park to see a game before flying out. It was nice, and it was the last time I saw Mac hit a homer. He was on the DL and surprised everyone by playing that day. It was wonderful to see one last homer in person. I knew that was about it for me, and it was a blast. In all I saw him hit 4 homers, which I'll never forget. At this game were Miranda's cousins Leslie and Bethany along with Miranda and myself.

St. Louis vs. LA Dodgers, Friday Sept. 3, 2004
Los Angeles 0 - St. Louis 3, Win Matt Morris(15-8), Loss Jose Lima(11-5)
Box Score

This was my last game at Busch, and Maya's first. We were in town to visit Miranda's family. We flew in Friday afternoon and went to the game that night. The next morning we got up and drove down to see her family in Salem. The game was fun, especially since we got to take maya and she got to wear her Cardinals jersey for the first time at a game. St. Louis is a great place to see a game. I can't wait to get back to see the new stadium, probably in 2007. This was cool though, I think we all had fun. This also lead into Maya's first birthday which was 2 days later. We celebrated that with Miranda's family. What can beat a good baseball game on or around a birthday, nothing! This game was attended by Miranda, Maya and myself.

New Busch Stadium - 2 foam fingers

St. Louis vs. Washington Nationals, Saturday April 5, 2008
Washington 4 - St. Louis 5, Win Adam Wainwright(1-0), Loss Matt Chico(0-1)

Jeff Nvyeen traveled with me to St. Louis to go to these 2 games.

St. Louis vs. Washington Nationals, Sunday April 6, 2008
Washington 0 - St. Louis 3, Win Kyle Lohse(1-0), Loss John Lannan(0-1)

Jeff Nvyeen again went to this game with me.