Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Tropicana Field(Thunderdome) - 2 foam fingers

Tampa Bay vs. New York Yankees, Saturday July 27, 2002
New York 4 - Tampa Bay 7, Win Travis Harper(4-6), Loss Jeff Weaver(7-9), Save Esteban Yan(14)
Box Score

Miranda and I flew down to tampa for this game by ourselves. We spent a weekend and relaxed. The stadium was one of the worst. Not that nice inside, and dome's in general just don't have much personality. It also felt like a home game for the Yankees. It was annoying. But it was fun to see the Rays pull it out and end up winning. It was a fun game, with decent seats, just not the best park. I do remember it being a pain in the ass to get out of the parking lot with my car. I thought this was odd since so few people go to games. What do they do when there are loads of people there? It seriously took like 45 minutes to get out of the place, it really stunk. We had a nice weekend though. This game was just Miranda and myself.

Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh, Saturday June 14, 2003
Pittsburgh 12 - Tampa Bay 9, Win Josh Fogg(3-3), Loss Rob Bell(0-1), Save Mike Williams(17)
Box Score

Just a year later, our friends the Cavendish's were living in St. Pete. So we went down for a weekend to catch a game with them. It was fun. We expected a slow game, but it turns out they had other things in mind. There was a bench clearing brawl somewhere in the middle. It was strange, Interleague play between teams who've never played against one another doesn't usually lead to fights. But, fight there was. Brazelton who I'd met earlier in the season in Baltimore was very involved. I believe he even got suspended at some point for this, and I think he was thrown out. It ended up being exciting, lots of runs along with a fight, busy busy. This game was attended by Jen, Steve, Miranda, and myself.