Texas Rangers

Ameriquest Field(Arlington Stadium) - 1 foam fingers

Texas vs. Cleveland, Saturday September 23, 2006
Cleveland 6 - Texas 3, Win Matt Miller(1-0), Loss Vicente Padilla(14-10), Save Rafael Betancourt(2)
Box Score

David Ryback went with me to this game. Dave is a friend from MTSU who I've not seen in about 4 years. It turns out he's out in Texas for Intelligence training with the Air Force. I was originally just going to be out here alone for the one night. I spoke to him a week or so before my trip to find out he was free and up for meeting me in Dallas. So it ended up being even more cool getting to go to the game with him, his first ever! Unfortunately my flight which was supposed to land in Dallas at about 11 AM didn't make it on time. There was bad weather above the airport and we flew around in circles for an hour or more. The pilot then got on to tell us he didn't have enough gas to keep circling so we ended up flying to Houston and landing there. We got off the plane for a bit, then got back on and sat on the tarmac for a while. Thankfully the crew was great and let us move about the cabin while we waited. Eventually we got back off and landed in Dallas, but about 5 hours late. I got to the hotel at 5 and met Dave and headed straight to the game. I pretty much lost the whole day except for seeing the game. The stadium was nice. We walked around and took some photos. It wasn't amazing, but it was very comfortable and had lots of ammenities thanks to being fairly new. I enjoyed some cheese fries which came in a medium sized baseball helmet. Not one large enough to wear, but definately bigger than the small ones that ice cream often comes in. The food was decent and the game was nice. They also had fireworks after which was pretty cool. All and all a good experience just unforunate about spending most the day in planes and airports thanks to the weather.