Toronto Blue Jays

Rogers Centre(Skydome) - Restaurant VIew - 1 foam fingers

Toronto vs. Cleveland, Sunday May 26, 2002
Cleveland 3 - Toronto 1, Win Bartolo Colon(6-3), Loss Luke Prokopec(2-7)
Box Score

Offically we only went to one game during this trip to Toronto. Though we did spend a few innings watching a game the day before inside the restaurant in the outfield of the skydome. The roof was closed for that game, but open for the game we actually saw inside the park. It's amazing the difference with it open. It is so much nicer. The game wasn't that facinating. I did enjoy the park once the roof was open. We were at the club level so it was pretty comfortable. Carpeted inside the tunnels and pretty good selection of food. One of my favorite parts of the park was when we watched them open and close the roof. It's pretty spectacular to see. The pieces all shift around in an interesting way you wouldn't expect. Toronto is also pretty neat as a city. We'll go back for certain. This game was attended by Miranda and myself.