England/Scotland Plans

Thursday November 10, 2005

United Airlines 924, 9:45 pm IAD, 10:00 am (Next day) LHR

Friday November 11, 2005

British Midland 4868, 12:25 pm LHR, 1:30 pm MAN
Get train from Manchester to Chesterfield
Hopefully 14:57 train, arriving at 16:34
Stay with Ollie and Lyn.

Saturday November 12, 2005

Chesterfield Football match
Hopefully wonderful Italian and visit to pubs.
Stay with Ollie and Lyn.

Sunday November 13, 2005

Stay with Ollie and Lyn

Monday November 14, 2005

Take train up to Manchester Airport
Hopefully 8:33 train, arriving at 10:31
British Midland 385, 12:05 pm MAN, 1:30 pm EDI
Pick up car at, Enterprise Rental Car, 143 pounds, Confirm: FGHKFP
Drive car up to Kenmore.
Stay in timeshare.

Tuesday November 15, 2005

Drive to Inverness.
Stay in timeshare.

Wednesday November 16, 2005

Stay in timeshare.

Thursday November 17, 2005

Take train to EDI from perth to see castle
Hopefully 8:49, arriving at 10:00
Returning 17:40, arriving at 18:52
Stay in timeshare.

Friday November 18, 2005

Drive out to Stonehaven
Then drive down to Dundee for the night
Have a reservation at Aberlaw Guest House

Saturday November 19, 2005

Drive down to St. Andrews
See soccer match at Dundee United at 15:00
Go back to Kenmore after match
Stay in timeshare.

Sunday November 20, 2005

Leave timeshare for EDI in AM. Stay in EDI, 60 pounds, Beverly Bed and Breakfast

Monday November 21, 2005

British Midland 4833, 8:45 am EDI, 10:15 am LHR
United Airlines 919, 12:00 pm LHR, 3:10 pm, IAD

Contact info for where we will be

If someone needs to call a number my cell might work
Or one of the numbers below, this site will help you figure out country code and such

Ollie and Lyn

The Kenmore Club

The Kenmore Club
Kenmore By Aberfeldy, Perthshire PH15 2HH
United Kingdom
Tel: 01887 830555
Fax: 01887 830777

Aberlaw Guest House

230 Broughty Ferry Road
Dundee, DD4 7JP
United Kingdom
Tel/Fax +44(0)1382 456929

The Beverly

40 Murrayfield Avenue
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh
Scotland, EH12 6AY
United Kingdom
Tel: 0131 337 1128
Fax: 0131 313 3275